Hi, my name is Tim Sae Koo, a recovering type A and aspiring type BE / heart led leader. After selling my first tech startup in Silicon Valley due to personal misalignment in 2018, I am now backpacking around the world for a year with the intentions of healing myself, recharging my battery, and seeking what problem pains my heart to see exist. Iā€™m here to take you on my journey to stay in touch with you all and share all my learnings to open up new gateways of inspiration and awareness.

WEEK 1 Perez, Zeledon Costa Rica: I drank sacred plant medicine (ayahuasca) on NYE: I spent my first week of my backpacking journey with an amazing group called 1heart (1heartjourneys.com) in Costa Rica! They take successful entrepreneurs/leaders and hold space with beautiful workshops, coaching, and ancient modalities like plant medicine so the entrepreneurs can shift from into heart-led leaders, all in the beautiful serenity of Costa Rica. Trust me, I thought it was woo-woo too, but my experience was absolutely transformational. My breakthrough and commitment for my life forward is to INVITE and HONOR more. Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 2 Nosara, Costa Rica: I spent my second week of my year long backpacking journey scoping land to purchase in Nosara Costa Rica with 1heart to manifest a vision I've had from previous plant medicine ceremonies. Also flew to Mexico to find El Buho to share my gratitude for his music opening me to honor my inner child! Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 3 Oaxaca, Mexico: Immersed in the city of Oaxaca Mexico, full of vibrant colors, hidden gems, and yummy crickets... Centered my week on servicing integration offering for 1heart and exploring the beautiful local culture and nature, which included a petrified waterfall (Hierve el Agua)! Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 4: Ventured to the mountains of San Jose del Pacifico and beaches of Mazunte Mexico. Dreamed with eyes wide open for my 10 year vision, took magic mushrooms legally in mountains of Mexico where it grows naturally, and swam with bioluminescent plankton in Laguna de Manialtepec! A week filled with powerful reflections and whacky adventures. Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 5: Hopped from Mazunte Mexico to Antigua and finally Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This transitory week consisted of committing to a 10 day vipassana retreat in March in Colombia, swimming with dolphins in the deep vast Pacific oceans, wandering the historical streets of Antigua, and landing in what possibly could be a peaceful heaven: Lake Atitlan! Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 6 San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: I felt like a kid at Disneyland, except for conscious events! I experienced everything from handpan ceremonies, aerial yoga, 4am hike up the mountain for an epic sunrise, ecstatic dances, and so much more in this epic haven! Also spent time starting my healing process of past trauma with deep introspective questions and journaling. Watch the video to learn more.

WEEK 7 San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Part II: In my last week at San Marcos, I share what local life is truly like in Lake Atitlan and the personalities of 5 towns surrounding the lake. Also, 3 hilarious events unfolded that I share, which include lucid dreaming, uncoupling my identity with my belongings during meditation, and diving deep into self-love in a traditional Mayan peyote ceremony. Watch the video to learn more!

WEEK 8 Peten, Guatemala: I flew to the northeast part of Guatemala to explore the ancient Mayan ruins, particularly the abandoned cities of Tikal and Yaxha! The complexity of these cities is jaw-dropping, and the pure beauty that still exists even after thousands of years is awe-inspiring. Watch the video to learn more!

WEEK 9 Uvita, Costa Rica: Traveled from Guatemala to Costa Rica for annual transformational festival called Envision! Partook in tons of classes including breathwork, contact improvisation, and shamanic dream journeying. Witnessed and captured some AMAZING music performances for you as well.

I also sat in a San Pedro ceremony for the first time with the intention of diving into where my lack of self-love derives from. I share my story and experience working with San Pedro in a newly opened retreat center in Uvita called Synergy! Watch the video to learn more!

WEEK 10 Cusco & Sacred Valley, Peru: Settled down in Peru after a week of frolicking at Envision. Spent some time in beautiful Cusco and made my way over to the mesmerizing Sacred Valley. Couldn't resist and got two new (music) toys that I'm committing to practicing and carrying around the world with me to share.

Also finally got inked with my owl+seva tattoo I've been waiting for in Pisac with an amazing artist (@zkorvin)! I openly share the story behind this piece and my commitment to practicing SEVA (selfless service) moving forward. Watch the video to learn more!