28 year old Los Angeles native residing in San Francisco, CA. Dreamed to become first Asian American POTUS to solve impactful problems with a purpose. Found their legacy rules to be very inefficient. Studied entrepreneurship at University of Southern California and graduated early to naively start a company and fulfill original life mission.

Ex-CEO/Cofounder at TINT (first company). Bootstrapped to 36 full-time employees, $millions in annual recurring revenue, 1000+ customers served. Acquired by Filestack in August 2018.

Give me a challenge, name the constraints, and define the goal. I'll figure it out from there.

By day

Pondering about the next meaningful problem to solve while exploring the world.

By night 

Hosting meditation events and deepening my practice, playing volleyball, dancing salsa, learning disc jockeying, slapping the hand pan, figuring out where to backpack next in the world, reading mindfulness books, boogieing at low key festivals, pondering about my next tattoo, eating vegetarian, and pushing through 30 day self development challenges.

Tattooed 'Core Principles'

1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

2. “Stay humble, practice empathy.”

3. “Transform wounds into wisdom."

4. "Shoshin - Beginner's Mind."


5. "Practice a life with selfless service.”

6. "Start with love and gratitude in all things."

7. "A good life is a well storied life."

Fun Facts

Ex-commercial actor for Disney, Intel, and a Utah “parents against underage drinking” (you can find them on Youtube). Rocking a reverse widows peak (by accident). Stretched 1 foot when I hit my growth spurt at 16. Intentional minimalist. Grew a dog Instagram account to 17k followers as a bet.


Love connecting with other curious startup founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, mindful souls, and artistic creators.