27 year old Los Angeles native residing in San Francisco, CA. Dreamed to become first Asian American POTUS to solve impactful problems with a purpose. Found their legacy rules to be very inefficient. Studied entrepreneurship at University of Southern California and graduated early to naively start a company and fulfill original life mission.

Give me a challenge, name the constraints, and define the goal. I'll figure it out from there.

By day

CEO at TINT. Spending time to improve on vision building and alignment, value added sales, win-win business development, and empathetic management skills. Aspirational vision is to build a company that inspires people to know they can build a company absolutely their own way.

By night

Kid at heart exploring different adventures to create meaningful stories to inspire others with. You can find me playing volleyball, listening & bobbing to deep house music, salsa dancing, conversing over tea, practicing meditation & mindfulness, and dancing at silent discos.

Tattooed 'Core Principles'

1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

2. “Stay humble, practice empathy.”

3. “Transform wounds into wisdom."


4. "Gift without expectations."

5. "A wrong decision is better than an indecision."

6. "A good life is a well storied life."

Fun Facts

Ex-commercial actor for Disney, Intel, and a Utah “parents against underage drinking” (you can find them on Youtube). Rocking a reverse widows peak (by accident). Stretched 1 foot when I hit my growth spurt at 16. Intentional minimalist. Grew a dog Instagram account to 16k followers as a bet.


Love connecting with other curious startup founders, digital marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs, mindful souls, and artistic creators.